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Episode #9: Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz has released 13 albums, written songs that have sold 15 million copies (Jewel’s “You Were Meant For Me”) and has developed a style of performance that incorporates iPhones, folk acoustic stylings, with comedy, satire, and personal truth that are told through both song and sketch based dialogue. He performs hundreds of times annually, and wins over any crowd with his undeniable charisma and mastery of stage presence. We talk about word of mouth movements, developing a strong sense of self, career twists and turns, and how perspective and belief are key fuels to having a real connection with your area of expertise.

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Episode #8: Kenneth Pattengale

Kenneth Pattengale, of The Milk Carton Kids, is a Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist,Producer, and Engineer. Being the welcomed hosts of the Americana Music Awards annually, his duo has released 6 albums, all of which are immensely dense and fraught with concepts that paint landscapes of Western philosophy with permanently poetic imagery of relatable angles of life we all come in touch with. We talk about the idea of being yourself in an unforgivable fashion, defining your expectations, as well as the concept of the personal branding.

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I wanted to update y’all on how the tour has been! We just did our third weekend out. I’ve gotten several new guitars from Fender like the new Acoustasonic and Fender Ultra Telecaster. I also am messing around with the PRS Baritone SE model. Rockit Music Gear is making all of my straps. One even has LED! DANG! I’m using my old 1966 Fender Pro Reverb again. It is the familiar things that are the home for where our True Tone is discovered. We have a BRAND NEW LIVE CD for sale at the shows; high quality bootlegs called “Danny’s Picks Vol. 1,” just like Dick’s Picks, but in my own way. We’ve sold out 2 of the 8 shows we’ve played. We’ve hit the target of 100+ people on over half of them. We are seeing new faces, familiar friends, and overall community growth in each town I visit. The #COSMICCOUNTRY Club is real. Y’all are making the shows everything they can be. I’m recording each show and making them all available once the tour is over. For now, we have Psychedelic Fractal 1080P videos you can watch on YouTube! For those of y’all that like to get lost! Thank you ATL and Raleigh for selling us out. I love everyone and feel like a superhero each day to be able to add color into the lives of everyone who comes to listen. It’s my greatest honor. Check out the tour videos on my Instagram as well to catch up if you’re out of the loop!❇️🤠❇️ *** Fractal Video Here 👈

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Episode #7: Mark Agnesi

Mark Agnesi is the Director of Brand Experience for Gibson Brands. Known for his concept of “Guitar of the Day,” YouTube series, he is a supremely large part of guitar culture. His understanding of content, creativity, imagination, and action, is one that I find to be supremely insightful to any creative or partner in an endeavor involved in the guitar space and market as a whole. 

We also talk about my mind melting time at Dead and Company NYE 2020, my new record, and the upcoming #COSMICCOUNTRY tour!

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This one is crazy. Top 50 in the world? #5 according to them. So grateful! Give it a read…

❇️🤠 The #COSMICCOUNTRY Into This Decade Tour begins real soon. Some venues are almost sold out! 30+ shows! Come on out to a show and let’s take a selfie! Tickets available on the TOUR section of this website.❇️🤠

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Episode #6: Garry Tallent

Although a household name to any Rock N’ Roll enthusiast, Garry Tallent is largely a behind the scenes entity, and he likes it that way. This interview is currently the only long form audio dialogue of Tallent’s initial foray into music and love for Rock N’ Roll. The longest running member of the E Street Band, since its start in 1971, Tallent has kept his love for music strong and youthful and is releasing music coming in May 2019 through Deville records, his self founded label. On this episode, with the most charming, humble, and definitive sentiment, he discusses the many ups and downs of his professional career, as well as the concept of how low expectations and the need for adventure can unlock the whole world to you if you’re willing to just believe and move forward. Tallent and Donato also discuss his experience of moving to Nashville in 1989, and how one can adapt to the ever-changing tides in the music industry. This interview is currently the only long form audio dialogue of Tallent’s initial foray into music and love for Rock N’ Roll.

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Episode #5: Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson is a fingerstyle guitarist, singer, writer, producer, and entrepreneur. He is also Australian and wakes up at 4am when he doesn’t tour. He won Australia’s Got Talent at age 16. He then took the money, moved to the US, started making his own music independently, found mentorship from Tommy Emmanuel, and has been going hard ever since. More than 10 years in, he is touring hundreds of days a year, creating online learning platforms, and creating his own music entirely in a self contained way by producing and releasing independently. What we learn from Joe is how to learn, ways you can seek mentorship in others, overcoming hardship and being a champion because of that, as well as other heady topics any thinkers will enjoy. He’s one of the best guitarists of our time and is a magnificent being in his own right.

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Episode #4: Brent Cobb

Brent Cobb is an artist from Georgia, down I85. A songwriter, singer, father, thinker. Sounds of low volume vintage acoustics and down home southern imagery delivered through a molasses marinated vocal that unveils itself to you as one you’ve always needed and loved but didn’t know until the moment had came. His cousin, Dave Cobb, produces his records in a fashion that is sonically proprietary upon a first moment’s listen. Brent and I sit down over a Diet Miller and a cup of black coffee and talk about performing with Chris Stapleton across the country, doing mushrooms in Spokane, and how letting your life change is a good way to keep truckin’.

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Episode #3: Clay Cook

Clay Cook is a renaissance man. He’s also a southern gentleman from Georgia. This explains his uncanny musical talent and admirable 11 year tenure with The Zac Brown Band. I first heard of Clay through the a searching of the credits of the Room For Squares album, John Mayer’s debut LP. A brief YouTube search back in 2011 had me floored, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I also recap on my European Tour run and talk about upcoming #COSMICCOUNTRY happenings! 

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Episode #2: Tyler Bryant

Tyler Bryant is a boss in the new wave of modern rock and roll. Especially as a guitarist, having acclaim from ZZ Top, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Blackberry Smoke, and more, he is a literal machine of music. Opening shows around the world that service fiery fans of 60,000+ in size to headlining venues that fill with sweat and sincerity of 500+ head banging individuals, he and The Shakedown will not be stopped. The Stratocaster wielding hero of the Rock and I talk about touring in today’s climate, how ‘your’ story begins in ways much more organic and bigger picture than you can ever imagine, and how to stay inspired and fresh in the times of Ego-Crushing or Ego-Enhancing social media presence. He also talks about Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown’s fresh effort of ‘Truth and Lies’ now available everywhere your ears hear sounds.